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Villa Goa Head Massage

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— Indian Head Massage and Intuitive Full Body Massage

Indian head massage is a traditional form of natural therapy practiced in India during the early centuries. The Indians use this alternative medical treatment to soothe and heal physical and emotional problems due to stress and fatigue.
Instead of lying down you will be asked to sit comfortably in a chair during the therapy. This ancient massage technique focused on your head, face, neck, shoulders and back and not only releases stress and tension from these areas, but stimulates the release of endorphins that relieves mental fatigue and promotes clear thinking. It is extremely relaxing and effective for stress. 45 minutes INR 2,400

Following your initial consultation, and checks for any contra-indications, the fully body massage will involve a combination of different techniques and a focused depth of attention where you need. The comfortable compassionate touch will enhance your muscle function and promote relaxation and wellbeing. 60 minutes INR 2,800.

“... Leaves me feeling relaxed, energised and tension free...”
Dankielson Westphal

The Villa in Goa

Exclusive use of the property & pool during your stay for complete privacy, we welcome groups of up to 12 people.